While reading through Baby Essentials that Aren’t which inspired the post on solids,  I found this bit on car seats. Since I heard a police officer talking about car seats Thursday, it’s already been on my mind. Way before Zuzu was even born, I found a Graco pattern I loved because it matched my house and was more-or-less gender neutral. Problem was, the line was being discontinued. So I decided I wanted it immediately and didn’t think to research more. Also helping the decision was my step-mom’s generous offer to buy it for us. Thanks, Kay! What I didn’t expect was for Zuzu to be born half grown and have almost out grown the car seat by six months. There are a couple of things I’ve loved about my infant seat. It was really handy when she was first born to put her in the car seat in the apartment and carry her to the car, especially since I didn’t trust myself on the outdoor apartment stairs. It has also been great (up till now) to be able to put her in the stroller while still in the seat. That said, if I had known she was going to have outgrown half-way through the first year, I would have asked for an all-in-one car seat like TrueFit or Evelflo Triumph (Kali’s pick).

I just wrote all that out and then realized in my state, kids have to be car seats (or boosters) until they are eight. If we have kids spaced 18 months to 2 years apart, that could mean four kids in car seats at one time. Good grief! I guess I’d better hold on to the infant seat regardless! and start saving for a minivan!


5 thoughts on “Car seats

  1. So I just realized you had this blog in addition to the SS one which explains why I could not find the link to “baby essentials that aren’t post” you mentioned anywhere! I looked high and low for it. But I got it all figured out now and will be working on catching up on old posts.

  2. So I haven’t bought a car seat yet, and it makes sense to buy one that will last longer… the only thing with the ones that work for infant to toddler is that you can’t take them out of the car to carry them, which seems like a feature that would be helpful when they’re a baby. Any suggestions? I’ve been looking at some infant ones that are rated up to 35lbs, though. How much is yours rated for, and how much does Zuzu weigh? They’re thinking our baby is going to start out kinda’ small, so maybe she would be able to use it for longer? A friend of ours has a girl who is one-and-a-half and just now weighs 30 lbs, so I have no clue what to expect!

    1. We have Graco’s Snug Ride ( It goes in our Graco stroller which was great when she was little, but she wasn’t little for very long. It is rated up to 29 inches and 22 pounds. Problem is Zuzu is already 28 inches long (at six months) and 18 pounds so she’s seems really squished. From what I understand, everyone has to get a bigger car seat eventually anyways, so the infant seat is optional. I say if you have the money and storage space, go ahead and get the infant carrier, but if not, opt for a car seat that will work from 5 to 65 pounds.

    2. To directly answer the carrying question: When she was asleep in the car, it was nice to be able to just take her in the house, especially since there was a trek from the car up to our apartment. Now that we park right in front of the apartment, I like taking her out of the car seat. I don’t want to get in the habit of letting her sleep in it instead of in her crib for safety reasons and for healthy sleep habits. It was often just another baby thing cluttering up our living room. A sling carrier ( makes a lot more sense for carrying the baby than lugging around the car seat.

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