I was so excited about blogging and posting pictures, but a long, long time ago, I stopped getting an internet connection at my apartment. Then the holidays came and went and what with the baby and all, I’m doing great if I check my email at Burger King once a week. Today, I’m hanging out in Kemah with Jason’s family. They have internet (hence my ability to write here), but who knows when I’ll be able to again. So blogging is going to have to go on hold for a while until the Lord provides internet…that’s a basic need up there with food and clothing, right?

I figure this is part of God’s plan to get me to actually take care of my husband, baby, and home. I don’t do well with distractions. Email, Facebook, Hulu, and blogs were definitely keeping me from other work. I came back from the holidays inspired to take better care of our apartment. I especially want to get everything organized and on shelves or in cabinets or out of the house. Dustin inspired me to ask these two questions:

Do we need it?
Is is enhancing our lives?

She write more about it in a post here. I’m adding this question: Do we have room for it? The last question helps me honestly answer the first two and stop making excuses.

Like Dustin, the holidays ending reset my desire to make a home. Good Housekeeping’s 30 Minute Clutter Solution provided some detailed steps. I’ve already tweaked the kitchen storage, removed some books from the stuffed shelves, and organized my home binder with recipes from magazines, appliance manuals, and decorating ideas. The goal for next week is to tame the scads of clothes Zuzu’s either outgrown or growing into.

One last thought before I go. Following some bunny trail last week on blogs, I ran across this e-book Maximize Your Mornings. If you linked it in a post, please tell me because I honestly don’t know how I ended up at her site. Of course, Zuzu reverted to waking up in the middle of the night so I’ve struggled to get out of bed at 6 AM, but I’m working on it! I wrote a lot more about this on simplystewardship. In an effort to not plagiarize my own blog, I won’t recopy it all here, but please go and read it if you are interested.

One thought on “The Blog That Couldn’t Be

  1. Hey,
    Just wanted you to know that when you post the link to Simply Stewardship on Humble Adoration and I click it, I always get an error message. I think the code is wrong in the link because the url that it is trying to pull up is the web address for both your blogs jammed together.
    Love you,

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