A classic by a new-to-you author. Silas Marner (1861) by George Eliot. The Literary Life Podcast. AmblesideOnline Year 10.

Silas Marner, a weaver, lives a miserable, lonely life until a mysterious baby girl appears on his doorstep. The girl brings joy and purpose to Marner, but questions about her origin and fate shadow their happy home.

I did not expect to enjoy this book so much because of the time period when it was written, but Eliot defied Victorian expectations to write a page-turning fairy tale with a surprisingly happy ending. I somehow missed reading any George Eliot books in high school or university, so I excited about having a new author to explore. Before I read anything else by her though, I loved this story so much I plan to reread it in the coming year.

I saved many quotes in my Kindle, but this one in particular made me chuckle thanks to our own guinea piggies:

Mrs. Crackenthorp—a small blinking woman, who fidgeted incessantly with her lace, ribbons, and gold chain, turning her head about and making subdued noises, very much like a guinea-pig that twitches its nose and soliloquizes in all company indiscriminately—now blinked and fidgeted towards the Squire, and said, “Oh, no—no offence.”

One thought on “Silas Marner

  1. After reading Middlemarch a few years ago, I knew I wanted more George Eliot in my life and added Silas Marner to my classics challenge, but hadn’t touched it this year because it’s easier for me to gravitate towards books with female protagonists. But your glowing review, and the realization that it is discussed on the Literary Podcast, just bumped it way up in my TBR! I listened to The Literary Podcast’s episodes on Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis while reading it and it helped SO much to understand what was going on, so I definitely will do the same when I read this classic!

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